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Cloud to On-Premises

Aquera seamlessly connects your cloud and on-premises application platforms to your cloud or on-premises data sources. Cloud to cloud connectivity is direct and does not require any on-premises components. For cloud to on-premises or vice versa for connectivity either a VPN or a quickly installing on-premises service requiring no coding is used. On-premises legacy applications, custom databases, applications with no user management APIs, and applications only supporting FTP all integrate easily with Aquera. Expensive, redundant application platforms are no longer needed to control the two worlds of cloud and on-premises applications and other data sources.

As you consider moving your on-premises applications to the cloud, a lift and shift model is easy with integration by Aquera to on-premises directories and other access management solutions residing on-premises. Furthermore, your integrations to other remaining on-premises infrastructure is supported by Aquera. Use any vendor’s cloud infrastructure and Aquera will handle your integration needs instantly.