Robotic Automation

Robotic automation of an application’s administrative console is necessary for cloud and on-premises applications without user management APIs. While on-premises applications without APIs can be integrated via database tables, cloud applications cannot and are often left on an island. With Aquera’s breakthrough robotic automation connector technology, there’s very rarely an application that can’t be integrated with the identity management platform of your choice. Robotic automation connectors are resilient to user interface changes and are supported by Aquera.

Robotic automation connectors automate the flow through the administrative console screens of applications to collect and normalize account and entitlement information for governance aggregation, and to create, update, deactivate and delete accounts for identity lifecycle management.

When using robotic automation and other Aquera connectors with identity governance projects, customers eliminate the error-prone and costly manual processes used to gather, reformat, and import account and entitlement data from files. With the elimination of these manual processes through 100 percent automation and delta aggregation with Aquera connectors, companies can now analyze account and entitlement information in real-time to improve their security posture.