The Aquera Identity Fabric Platform is a cloud-based service that delivers “instant-on” integration between your identity access, governance, and privileged identity management platforms and all your applications, databases, directories and devices. The platform features multi-purpose gateway services and out-of-box connectors for user provisioning, mastering of HR information, aggregation of governance, password synchronization, and privileged account password validation and rotation. The Aquera platform uses a scale-out architecture to meet your performance needs. To satisfy your security needs the platform does not store application credentials, which are stored in the identity platform, and the platform regularly undergoes SOC 2 type 2 audits.

Key features include:

  • SCIM gateway services for inbound and outbound movement of identity data
  • SCIM protocol support for any identity management or governance platform
  • SCIM normalized data structure for simplified aggregation and provisioning logic
  • SCIM connectors for REST-based APIs, SOAP/web service-based APIs, SQL, LDAP, SDKs, FTP, admin console automations, and message queues
  • Ability to create, read, update, de-activate or delete user accounts
  • Governance data aggregation
  • Password synchronization services with self-service password reset and randomized password synchronization for secure web authentication
  • Password validation and rotation for managing priviledged accounts in cloud and on-premises applications
  • Import users and attributes from multiple sources and merge results
  • No store and forward of user information
  • Cloud-based service
  • Scale-out architecture

Solutions offered are:
  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • SCIM Provisioning Gateway
  • User Import Bridge
  • Governance Data Bridge
  • User Deactivation
  • Cloud App Provisioning and Governance without user management APIs
  • Homegrown Custom App Provisioning and Governance