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The Aquera Platform

The Aquera Platform is a cloud-based service that delivers “instant-on” integration between all your applications, databases, directories and devices. With the Aquera platform you can immediately breakdown departmental process and analytics silos with a fully integrated end-to-end application, data and security infrastructure. Aquera will rapidly integrate your portfolio of identity management, business process management and business analytics platforms to the rest of your IT infrastructure, sharing data and process information in real-time. The Aquera platform uses a scale-out architecture to meet your performance needs.

Key features include:
  • Cloud to cloud, cloud to on-premises and on-premises to on-premises integration
  • Support for any data source: cloud and on-premises applications, databases, directories, log files and devices
  • Any create, read, update or delete operation available
  • Real-time distributed data access and transactions
  • User entitlement attestation data collection
  • Master data collection and importation
  • Bulk uploading and trickle feed data transfer
  • No storage of your data or credentials
  • Cloud-based service
  • Scale-out architecture
Solutions offered are:
  • User provisioning integration hub for your identity management platforms
  • Process integration hub for your business process platforms
  • Analytics integration hub for your business analytics platforms
  • Lift and shift on-premises to cloud migration of IT infrastructure