Identity Lifecycle Management

The Aquera Identity Fabric Platform powers the identity lifecycle management (ILM) process across the various application and process silos with its seamless integration with out-of-the-box connectors to the various platforms and endpoint applications, databases, directories and devices involved in the lifecycle. Typically, lack of last mile integration from the identity platform to the target application blocks automation but with Aquera that roadblock is removed. Additionally, Aquera has developed a methodology to help companies migrate to full birthright-level provisioning with valuable and immediate automation gains along the way. The connectors used for provisioning bring value to many use cases that will move your organization to fully automated lifecycle management. These steps include getting quick value from the connectors used for automated lifecycle management with adjacent use cases where technical level integration brings immediate value. The use cases for the provisioning connectors are in the areas of single sign-on, identity governance and identity lifecycle management and are:

Single Sign On
  • SSO Dashboard synch with manually created accounts
  • Sync of randomly generated passwords from IAM when SWA (secure web authorization) is used
  • Password reset sync when SWA is used or when thick clients are involved

Identity Governance
  • Aggregating governance data for compliance analysis including rogue account detection
  • User activity monitoring

Identity Lifecycle Management (Phase-in)
  • Deactivation or deletion of users including account cleanup
  • Updating user account information
  • Provisioning (creating) new user accounts
  • New Employee Onboarding App

Aquera’s identity lifecycle deployment methodology, Provision Pro Methodology, will help your organization mature in phases to a fully automated identity lifecycle management process. The benefits of using Aquera for ILM are:

  • Wide scale automation across your app portfolio is pragmatic with Aquera
  • Aquera Methodology gets immediate results
  • Provisioning projects are accelerated increasing ROI and bringing on security/compliance and other provisioning benefits sooner
  • Zero coding required to deploy Aquera and connectors install in less than 5 minutes
  • 1,000s of manhours in coding and maintenance avoided for your applications
  • Identity platform administrators do all their work in the identity platform and not in Aquera
  • Connectivity to the apps is reusable for integration to business intelligence apps